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  • Detroit Jerky’s vegan jerky is my plant-powered protein snack of choice. I have enjoyed other vegan jerky brands in the past, but Detroit Jerky is a standout in the market thanks to the freshness and flavor in every bag. Michigan Cherry Bomb and Hickory Cracked Pepper are my go-to flavors. My top 3 ways to enjoy Detroit Jerky: as a portable snack for a day of exploring on Belle Isle; as a condiment for vegan burger night; or mixing it into a bowl of vegan mac and cheese.
    Katie Rose
    SugarBuzz Bakery
  • Great customer service for great guilt-free jerky. I love having snacks in my workspace but without a dedicated fridge I’m usually stuck with granola or sugar-packed baked goods. I love having a new option for the rotation that’s flavorful and satisfying without making me feel like I’m gnawing on a dog treat or the risk of a looming sugar crash!
  • Detroit Jerky is a family favorite, enjoyed all the flavors and perfect texture. Hickory cracked pepper and Michigan Cherry bomb are my favorites. Sit back and enjoy with your favorite drink and you won’t miss the meat!
  • Detroit Jerky has really nailed the vegan jerky game. I’ve had others and they have a weird texture or the flavors aren’t anything to write home about. But wow, this jerky has an amazing texture and the flavors really pop! Michigan Cherry Bomb is my fave, it’s a unique flavor that you can’t get enough of! Absolutely love this jerky!
  • BEST VEGAN JERKY EVER!! (and we’ve tried them all) all of the flavors are incredible, my personal favorite is the Michigan cherry bomb 🤤 Detroit Jerky is now my go-to for gifts and is always a hit!
    Calm Your Pits
  • Have you ever opened up a package of something and literally can’t stop yourself from finishing that entire package in one sitting? That’s me with every flavor of Detroit Jerky. Though I’m super partial to the Hickory Cracked Pepper, each one absolutely has blown me away. I’m actually somewhat worried about eating through all of my stock once I start carrying it at SugarBuzz. It will be a true test of willpower to be around it that often and leave some for customers to purchase. I won’t apologize, so you definitely stock up when you can!
    Chris Pelak
    SugarBuzz Bakery


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